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Professional Administrative Assistants for Hire

Let us be your guide as you find a good administrative assistant for your daily tasks


Real-time Reports
Our team provides timely reports to clients and resolves any issues that may emerge at any time of the day. We minimize probable hurdles and establish work transparency between the clients and the VAs.
Bookkeeping and Customer Management
Find Administrative Assistants who can help you in bookkeeping, compiling information, managing calendars, and setting up various meetings for you while you focus on completing your managerial tasks.
Payroll Assistance and Employee Onboarding
For startups with limited human resource staff, we have personnel who are trained and experienced in payroll and introducing your newly hired employees to your company rules and regulations.
Records and Data Management

We provide clients with opportunities to realign their priorities with ease through managing email, spreadsheets, contact lists, and even book travels for the utmost satisfaction of the businesses we serve.

Project Management

If you have your hands full with several business commitments, our virtual staff and account managers can supervise specific projects that you are working on for your clients and corporate partners.

Sales Tracking and Customer Support
Address customer concerns on your website even after business hours with our skilled remote workforce. Resolve simple to complex issues and bridge gaps between your business and your target audience.

Can’t find the skill set for your business? Fret not!

We can easily shuffle our manpower’s expertise to best suit your business requirements!

What Defines Valet Valerie’s Virtual Administrative Assistant Services?


We have Administrative Assistants who can adjust to different time zones in accordance with our client’s preferences and needs.

Administrative and Research Tasks

Hiring Administrative Assistant from Valet Valerie means equipping your business with competent administrative and digital research skills.
Flexible Virtual Assistants
Each of our VAs are trained to adapt to various changes easily and follow instructions as quickly as possible, making their skills a must-have.

Real-time Updates
and Reports

Hire a qualified administrative assistant who works 24/7 and is capable of providing timely updates, feedback, and reports for your projects.

Why Hire Us?

Broad Expertise

We have virtual assistants well-versed in different fields and assisting a broad range of industries. Get the expertise you need for legal, corporate, and even medical-administrative assistance.

Reduced Costs

At competitive rates, we have the best team to handle your tasks. It is our belief that excellence is not measured by the number of resources shed, but by the dedication of the employees to their job.

Efficient Work Ethic

Our Administrative Assistants are specialists who are thoroughly trained to exude professionalism at all times. It is this business mindset and work ethic that sets us apart from our competitors.

Multilingual Virtual Assistance

We see to it that our virtual assistant services can address both English and non-English speaking clients. You can avail our digital services in various languages, such as:









If your language is not listed, contact us and we will do our best to find the right virtual assistant to do the job for you!

Work Process



Contact our team and let us know what your core goal and objectives are for your business. What aspects of your administrative operations need augmenting and what specific skills do you want to focus on?



We will guide you and explain in detail the scope of our administrative assistant services, from the minimum number of working hours we can offer to the different plans available for your business needs.



From our lineup of experienced remote administrative assistants, we choose the perfect candidate or candidates to aid in your business. We facilitate interviews for better skills assessment before you employ our VAs.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking!

At Valet Valerie, 24/7 virtual assistant service is available for each client. Our years of experience is our secret modifying our
proficiencies and accommodating more competitive B2B requirements.


productive work
hours committed


implemented for




websites, apps,
and design needs


businesses and
clients assisted


calls and messages
assisted for
customer support

Be the boss that you’ve always dreamed of! With Valet Valerie, you are guaranteed that all of your daily tasks are in good hands while you do your part in growing your business and reaching your biggest goals!