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Data Security

Our Data Entry Virtual Assistants maintain the confidentiality and utmost security of their clients. They are reliable and trustworthy enough to deal with every bit of information that you relay to them.

Well-Equipped Virtual Staff
Our high-quality hardware and software facilities, internet connection, and power supply allow our data entry specialists to deliver excellent and timely service at all times.
Updated and Real-time Data Processing
Valet Valerie helps you find data entry assistants online who are highly capable of efficiently meeting your expectations. They have handled various data and client expectations.
Excellent Data Processing Literacy
Our VAs are trained in both the traditional and new data processing techniques available, and so they accurately and independently work with your spreadsheets and CRM.

Can’t find the skill set for your business? Fret not!

We can easily shuffle our manpower’s expertise to best suit your business requirements!

What Defines Valet Valerie’s Virtual Date Entry Service?


We have virtual assistants who can adjust to different time zones to accomplish their tasks and consistently bring quality services anytime, anywhere.

Well-Trained and Flexible VAs

Hire a data entry person geared to independently handle essential administrative roles, data processing, and researching.

Online Presence

We are committed to helping you maintain an excellent online presence and keeping your brand reputation in top shape.

On-time Updates, Feedback, and Reporting

We work 24/7 to earn client trust, deliver timely updates on all the tasks and information assigned to our virtual team.

Excellent and reasonably priced service

We guarantee quality outsourced services and employ the best data entry people to support all types of SMEs.

Why Hire Us?

Basic Administrative, Research, and Online Marketing

As you hire a data entry office clerk, it also assures the accomplishment of your basic Data Entry & Management, Accounting & Bookkeeping office work along with your digital marketing projects.

Reduced Costs

Valet Valerie saves your company from additional charges such as operating and training costs that may take a portion of a company’s resources. Save more funds for safeguarding your business.

Increased Efficiency

Several basic office tasks are time-consuming. By outsourcing our Data Entry Specialist, you can focus on more important work without worrying about operations being compromised.

Strategic Thinking

Our Data Entry Virtual Assistants follow a well- thought of working strategy, which is also adopted by all of our other VAs, as they help the clients reach their goals and grow their business.

Multilingual Virtual Assistance

Find data entry clerks equipped with multilingual capabilities that eliminate common problems coupled with language barriers. You can avail our digital services in various languages, such as:









If your language is not listed, contact us and we will do our best to find the right virtual assistant to do the job for you!

Work Process



Contact our team and let us know what your core goal and objectives are for your business. What type of information do you want our virtual assistants to work on? For what purpose will you need help in data entry?



We will guide you and explain in detail the scope of our virtual data entry services, from the minimum number of working hours we can offer to the different plans available for your business needs.



From our lineup of virtual data entry staff, we choose the perfect candidate or candidates to aid in your business goals. We facilitate interviews for better skills assessment before you employ our VAs.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking!

At Valet Valerie, 24/7 virtual assistant service is available for each client. Our years of experience is our secret modifying our
proficiencies and accommodating more competitive B2B requirements.


productive work
hours committed


implemented for




websites, apps,
and design needs


businesses and
clients assisted


calls and messages
assisted for
customer support

Create a smooth flowing business, hire the best, and be a step ahead of your competitors with the help of our Data Entry Virtual Assistants!