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Hire Email Marketing Experts

Foster a stronger bond with your target customers and establish broader coverage for your promotions.


A/B Testing
We create two versions for a single promotional content and determine which is more effective in generating more leads, open rates, and CTRs. Pictures, design, templates, and clickable buttons in your emails are also tested.
Automated Marketing

Make your promotions more targeted for a specific demographic or group of your email recipient list. This service is also effective in generating automatic welcome messages to your new customers or subscribers.

Cloud-based Platform Solution
Organize and monitor incoming messages with ease. Activate automated messages to respond to subscriber messages even while offline. Specify and use keywords to instantly segment customer replies sent through your website.
Email Analytics & Campaign Reports
Generate reports to analyze the progress of your email marketing campaigns. Track open rates, clicks, subscriptions, and responses based on your specified period. Discover consumer pain points that you can help solve.
Optimization for Social Media Channels and Search Engines

Aside from increasing your visibility using emails, we help you gain the attention of potential followers and customers seeking services similar to what you offer. We combine email marketing with SEO and social media expertise.

Spam Filtering
Using our spam filter tools, we prevent your emails from ending up in the Spam Folder of your target recipients. Reduce delays in customer response and dramatically boost your open rates in no time.

Can’t find the skill set for your business? Fret not!

We can easily shuffle our manpower’s expertise to best suit your business requirements!

What Defines Valet Valerie’s Email Marketing VA Services


We source and hire email marketers from across the globe. As such, expect more flexibility in terms of meeting your required work hours and better availability for communication and team scrumming.

Customized CTAs

Tired of generic and typical calls-to-action in your emails? Count on our creative virtual assistants to devise and design CTAs unique to your brand and your services and boost click-through-rates on your emails.


B2B messaging

Get your message across with professional-looking email headers and beautifully paragraphed promotional content. We use suitable language to meet customer demands and business partner expectations.

On-brand email HTML design

Make your brand more distinguishable with an exclusive email html design that accurately represents your business identity. Work with our email marketing expert for hire to enhance your email marketing campaigns.


Don’t like robotic messages? We compose emails and marketing messages that penetrate through the interests of the audience you intend to reach. Our virtual assistants use a cordial approach to establish better rapport.

Why Hire Us?

Broader customer outreach

If you are a startup owner or if you own an SME, you get to expand the scope of your advertising efforts and disseminate valuable product info effortlessly. Let our email experts do the muscle work for lead generation.

Consistent email communication

Hire email marketing specialist at Valet Valerie if you want consistency in keeping your target customers and every subscriber engaged and well-informed about the features and services that you have to offer.

Easy business goal scalability

As we take care of enticing more leads to check out your business, you can delegate your in-house staff to work on enhancing your business from the other key aspects that influence the success of your core objectives.

Efficient Supervision

Unlike other providers of email marketing VAs, ours are managed by our account managers. In this manner, coordinating information and task expectations and deliverables are done in a more cohesive and structured process.

Reduced costs

Forget about spending more for employee benefits or computer units. Pay only for the services you need and the fixed hours worked by our virtual assistants. You also don’t need to pay for additional costs such as training fees.

Multilingual Virtual Assistance

Aside from specializing in email marketing, our virtual assistants are also multilingual. We service multinational clients across the globe and gauge the interest of different customer demographics. You can avail our digital services in various languages, such as:









If your language is not listed, contact us and we will do our best to find the right virtual assistant to do the job for you!

Work Process



Contact our team and let us know what your core goal and objectives are for your business. What messages and advertisements do you wa nt to focus on and convey through the help of email marketing channels?



We will guide you and explain to you in detail the scope of our email marketing consultant services. From the minimum number of working hours we can offer to the different plans that you can choose from depending on your business needs.



From our lineup of professional and experienced virtual email marketer, we choose the perfect candidate or candidates to aid in your campaign. We facilitate interviews for better skills assessment before you employ our VAs.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking!

At Valet Valerie, 24/7 virtual assistant service is available for each client. Our years of experience is our secret modifying our
proficiencies and accommodating more competitive B2B requirements.


productive work
hours committed


implemented for




websites, apps,
and design needs


businesses and
clients assisted


calls and messages
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customer support

Hire experienced email marketer only at Valet Valerie! Find competent, experienced, and adaptable virtual personnel to augment your online branding strategy.