Valet Valerie

About Us

Who We Are?

Valet Valerie, an Australian-based virtual assistant solutions company founded in 2008, is one of the pioneering BPO companies that excel in providing reliable virtual assistant service. Despite our humble beginnings, Valet Valerie has consistently gained recognition in this field of specialization and was able to expand our network reach to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. With 12 long years of service and now operating with over 1000 employees stationed in different countries, Valet Valerie continuously provides the best virtual assistant outsourcing solutions for B2B SMEs in a broad range of diverse industries.

What We Do?

Specializing in providing virtual assistant solutions, Valet Valerie’s line of tailor-built services is dedicated to making your day-to-day business life easier by enabling you to have more time to focus on the things that truly matter. Our expert team of virtual assistants is well-geared in providing round-the-clock support. They are capable of providing immediate assistance and adapting to sudden shifts in your business conditions and standards. We guarantee that your business stays one step ahead of your competitors.

Who Will Work For You?

Valet Valerie’s stringent screening process allows us to choose the right person to become part of our growing family. We see to it that each and every member of our team has passed our intensive training program and is well-educated to sophisticatedly handle even the toughest challenges that your business may encounter in the future. Our main goal is to provide the best virtual assistance, after all. That is why it is just practical for us to deploy the finest candidates to handle all your business backlogs with the highest quality possible.

Who We Work With?

Our flexible VA solutions encompass a diversified selection of industries. Whether you are in the real estate industry, e-commerce industry, run a marketing agency, or are a professional who wants to lighten the load on your shoulders, we have it all covered. We see to it that your business will never miss the opportunity of gaining the best of Valet Valerie’s advantages.

Efficiency is embedded in our company name. We can’t stress this enough, but our motivation is deeply rooted in providing real-time virtual support with round-the-clock availability and accessibility. We believe that it is our core mission to amplify the competitive edge of every business that we collaborate with and extend it to its full potential.

With the spirit of teamwork, efficiency, and flexibility, we ensure that we propel your business to success with the best of our abilities.

Dependable Virtual Assistants For All Types Of Enterprises

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In our 8 years in specializing virtual assistant services we have had:


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