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Hire a Virtual Research Assistant

Have the best virtual research assistant for your business today!


Lead Generation Research
Our virtual research assistants can look for several websites and platforms to find business opportunities for our clients. Expand your market and increase sales in no time.
Target Market Research

Looking for the perfect addition to your marketing team? Valet Valerie has a team of assistants to look for market data and conduct marketing strategies for your company.

Trend Research

Keep those marketing and business ideas fresh and updated with our virtual research assistants. They offer timely reports on recent developments and trends in the industry.

Internet Research

Valet Valerie offers a team of virtual assistants for internet research who are experts at conducting thorough scanning of websites through our latest technologies and updated software.

Data Filing and Organizing
Our research assistants exceed client expectations by properly organizing all relevant data gathered. Their efficiency makes it quicker to find needed information for any endeavor.
Updated Business Statistics

Our team keeps you updated with the latest business statistics in your industry to help in your decision-making process. We find info on recent market demands and competitors.

Can’t find the skill set for your business? Fret not!

We can easily shuffle our manpower’s expertise to best suit your business requirements!

What defines Valet Valerie’s Virtual Research Assistant?


At Valet Valerie, you can acquire dedicated virtual research assistants who can work anytime and adhere to your preferred work schedule. We are available 24/7 to provide the best services to our clients.
Account Manager Supervision
Our diversified team of research assistants is headed by our account managers to ensure an organized flow of service and a smooth transfer of instructions. We assure 100% efficiency at all times.


All personal and crucial data given to our research assistants are handled with utmost confidentiality. It is our mission to prove our worthiness of the trust given to us by our loyal customers.
Flexible Research Assistants

Our virtual research assistants are equipped with modern facilities and excellent skills in conducting extensive research tasks that help our clients in their daily activities and business planning.

Why Hire Us?

Reliable Virtual Research Assistants

Our research assistants are equipped with the latest software and knowledge in research that’s suitable for most online businesses. They are well-trained and highly motivated to execute various projects from clients.

Flexible VAs

Having several agents to handle multiple aspects of your operations can be costly. Why not go for someone who is well-experienced with a variety of subjects which allows them to be able to take tasks all at once, instead?

Increased Efficiency

Doing all tasks at once reduces productivity and quality of output; but not with Valet Valerie. Hiring research assistants from us allows you to focus on your forte and give your full effort without compromising company operations.

Strategic Thinking

Hire our virtual research assistants for a well-thought off working strategy. With work processes and task goals strictly implemented by our team, Valet Valerie stays true to our words of helping our clients achieve their goals.

Reduced costs

Valet Valerie saves your business from additional charges such as training costs and extra bills. Our virtual research assistants are already equipped with the latest knowledge in research and upgraded facilities..

Multilingual Virtual Assistance

Hiring online research assistant at Valet Valerie means you are equipped with multilingual capabilities that eliminate language barriers issues. You can avail our digital services in various languages, which includes:









If your language is not listed, contact us and we will do our best to find the right virtual assistant to do the job for you!

Work Process



Contact our team and let us know what your core goal and objectives are for your business. Here, we identify your business needs and devise a systematic research and data gathering plan that best suit your requirements.



We provide a concise scope of our virtual researching services. From the minimum number of working hours, we can offer different plans that you can choose from depending on your business needs.



From our lineup of skilled and knowledgeable research specialists, we choose the perfect candidate to aid in your objectives. We facilitate interviews for better skills assessment before you employ our VAs.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking!

At Valet Valerie, 24/7 virtual assistant service is available for each client. Our years of experience is our secret modifying our
proficiencies and accommodating more competitive B2B requirements.


productive work
hours committed


implemented for




websites, apps,
and design needs


businesses and
clients assisted


calls and messages
assisted for
customer support

Valet Valerie will ensure that you get the quality virtual research assistant services and dedicated agents that your company deserves!