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Hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Deliver consistent and reliable assistance by hiring a customer support virtual assistant!


Escalation Management

Each of our virtual support representatives are equipped with vast technical and corporate processes related to customer experience. They are quick to adapt to your business demands and know when to escalate concerns to the appropriate department.

Billing and Refunds

Reduce irate clients with a more organized and maximized resource for keeping their payments and refund requests in check. We share the workload with your in-house team and accomplish task related to handling customer finances with minor supervision.

Lead and Customer Acquisition

Experienced and professional virtual assistants who provide customer service are also adept at enticing potential leads and customers to check out your business and take the time to reach out and learn more about the products and services you can offer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is your support hotline flooded with the usual and basic queries about your business? Let our team handle the repetitive role of answering your end-users’ most frequently asked questions and allocate more time in honing other areas of your operations.

Customer Outreach and Communication

Valet Valerie is known for uniting various brands with their followers. We support you in building long-lasting and stronger ties with your target audience. We communicate with sincerity while representing your business accurately to both old and new customers.

Information Dissemination

We are not just an additional workforce for your business. We are also an extension of your marketing and outreach campaigns by ensuring accurate and verified information about your services are exchanged with potential leads and existing clientele.

Can’t find the skill set for your business? Fret not!

We can easily shuffle our manpower’s expertise to best suit your business requirements!

What Defines Valet Valerie’s Customer Service Assistant Services


Extend your support to your customers with the 24/7 and flexible availability of our virtual customer service agents. Continue entertaining queries and user concerns even beyond your main office’s business hours.
Account Manager Supervision

Our account managers ensure clear and concise relaying of information, metrics, and updates on all projects. They oversee the performance and progress of each virtual employee that you employ from our team.

Well-Trained Representatives
Whether you need to outsource remote staff for phone, live chat, email or SMS support, we have just the right personnel to recommend for your business. Get efficient and service that adheres to your customers’ needs.


Customer satisfaction is at the core of our services. As our remote team represents your brand to your end-users, we practice a high level of quality control and a broad knowledge in handling all customer concerns.

Why Hire Us?

Enhanced Efficiency

To find virtual assistant for customer service allows startup owners and SMEs to make the most out of the resources that they have. Do more and achieve more with our virtual staff ready to provide your company with professional support.

Real-Time Service

A limited number of staff responding to customer queries can cause irritability and diminish user trust. With Valet Valerie, entertaining multiple concerns and clarifications from different customers is made possible, and more timely.


Save more money by paying only for the hours worked by our virtual customer support staff. You don’t have to pay for their equipment or added benefits. You can also hire a virtual assistant for customer service on a per project basis.

Multilingual Virtual Assistance

Hiring our virtual customer support agents means you are equipped with multilingual capabilities that eliminate language barriers issues. You can avail our digital services in various languages, which includes:









If your language is not listed, contact us and we will do our best to find the right virtual assistant to do the job for you!

Work Process



Contact our team and let us know what your end-goals are for your business’ client support setup. Here, we identify your business needs and devise a systematic customer service plan that best suits your requirements.



We provide a concise scope of our remote customer assistance services. From the minimum number of working hours, we can offer different plans that you can choose from depending on your business needs.



From our lineup of skilled and knowledgeable customer support specialists, we choose the perfect candidate to aid in your objectives. We facilitate interviews for better skills assessment before you employ our VAs.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking!

At Valet Valerie, 24/7 virtual assistant service is available for each client. Our years of experience is our secret modifying our
proficiencies and accommodating more competitive B2B requirements.


productive work
hours committed


implemented for




websites, apps,
and design needs


businesses and
clients assisted


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customer support

Do you seek the best choice for efficient, dependable, and multi-skilled customer service virtual assistant hiring? Choose Valet Valerie!